What We Do

Design Team

CANNAFAM™ BRANDING is a team of graphic designers that specialize in the cannabis industry. We have provided many of our packaging clients updating branding packages as well as eye catching designs on their most common products.

What We Do

Research & Development

CANNAFAM™ is versed in proving comprehensive help in bringing your ideas to the cannabis industry. We specialize in finding a sourcing avenue for your company that can manufacture your product. We have extensive history with domestic and international manufacturers and have produced many of the newest cannabis related products in the industry.

What We Do

State Compliant

CANNAFAM™ stays up-to-date on the every changing laws and requirements for each state. You can be assured that you will have packaging that complies to your state requirements. We understand the complex differences from state to state. Don’t purchase packaging without first consulting a reputable company that has your back. Mistakes can be costly.

What We Do

Quality Control

Our vision on quality assurance and control is to be recognized within the cannabis industry as the elite packaging provider. That our quality of products and services are recognized through our customers. We strive to exceed our customer expectations and we believe our products are instrumental in the cannabis industry.

Success is a proven fact

We believe that the quality of service we provide far exceeds our competitors. They will have similar products with similar price points, although we set the bar on designs, materials and overall experience. That is why we supply the nation’s largest most recognized organizations.

                                    ~ Ryan Bishop, CEO ~ Ryan Bishop, CEO