We help our clients discover their authentic story and find their true voice, making their brands clear and consistent. Our packaging approach is better known, easily recognizable and truly unique in the industry.

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Welcome to CANNAFAM™

At CANNAFAM™, we're the ultimate marijuana packaging solution for dispensaries across the country. Our more than two decades of expertise in serving the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industry sets us well apart from any other provider.

With medical and recreational marijuana being legalized in more and more states, it becomes a challenge for dispensaries to keep up with all the packaging mandates. For instance, medical marijuana packaging laws in Arizona are far different from recreational requirements in Colorado. That is why CANNAFAM™ makes it easy for dispensaries to find marijuana packaging solutions that meet their specific state requirements. CANNAFAM™ will stay on top of the latest legal developments in your state, so you may order in confidence knowing that your packaging is compliant with the state laws.

What we do

We pride ourselves as a "one stop" packaging manufact

o?urer that can provide branding ideas, current trends and compliance for your organization. We are the elite manufacturer in this space.


CANNAFAM™ has an elite team of professional graphic designers that specialize in the cannabis industry.

R & D

CANNAFAM™ always researches and develops new marijuana packaging ideas as the leader in the industry.


CANNAFAM™ provides packaging for the largest dispensary organizations in the country. They depend on us to follow through.


CANNAFAM™ will help you through the changing laws and regulations to be in compliance with your state packaging requirements.


CANNAFAM™ provides the highest quality of products. Our materials and specifications are superior in the marijuana industry.


CANNAFAM™ guarantees that the product will be as presented and exceed your expectations. This is why we are the leader.

dispensary Statistics

High Volume Dispensaries
CANNAFAM™ works with the largest dispensary organizations in the country. We have the majority of them as our customers.
Medium Volume Dispensaries
CANNAFAM™ is the nations leader, providing packaging to most of the industry dispensaries.
CANNAFAM™ provides packaging to the up-and-coming dispensaries that are making a name for themselves.

our Services

We believe that the quality of service we provide far exceeds our competitors. They will have similar products with similar price points, although we set the bar on designs, materials and overall experience. That is why we supply the nation's largest most recognized organizations.

    1. packaging brainstorm with our experts 
      CANNAFAM™ listens to your ideas while keeping you up to date on the current trends and packaging ideas in the industry. Our experts will help you place your creative ideas into the packaging while also keeping compliant with your state regulations.
    2. Dialing everything in for your final approval
      CANNAFAM™ branding and graphics team will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with our final conceptual design. You will know what your packaging will look like, cost associated with it and the timeline for which it will be delivered to your door.
    3. consistent on-time delivery
      CANNAFAM™ is the leader in providing packaging on agreed time lines, consistent re-orders and making sure that you NEVER go without your new branded packaging. We understand the need for maintaining a consistent brand that supports your organization and the products that you provide.


Our team

CANNAFAM™ has an extraordinary team of experts with various experience in different aspects of the cannabis industry. There is value by consulting with our various arms of the CANNAFAM™ company. Our dispensary department can answer questions concerning packaging and dispensary dynamics. Our legal department is always available for state specific packaging requirements. Our design and branding department is our largest group, which is why our CANNAFAM™ products, print materials and packaging are recognized in the industry as being the best.

844-511-8500 or email info@cannafam.com