We help our clients discover their authentic story and find their true voice, making their brands clear and consistent. Our packaging approach is better known, easily recognizable and truly unique in the industry.

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Design Team

CANNAFAM™ has an elite team of professional graphic designers that specialize in the cannabis industry.

Research & Development

CANNAFAM™ always researches and develops new marijuana packaging ideas as the leader in the industry.

Delivered On-Time

CANNAFAM™ provides packaging for the largest dispensary organizations in the country. They depend on us to follow through.

State Compliant

CANNAFAM™ will help you through the changing laws and regulations to be in compliance with your state packaging requirements.

Quality Control

CANNAFAM™ provides the highest quality of products. Our materials and specifications are superior in the marijuana industry.


CANNAFAM™ guarantees that the product will be as presented and exceed your expectations. This is why we are the leader.

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The packaging company that I used previously struggled to keep up with my demand. As we continued to grow year-by-year it became apparent that another solution was needed. Since partnering with Cannafam we maintain a direct line of communication and our supply chain remains on point.

Timothy Foia

Cannafam has provided packaging for our organization from the start. With different packaging needs for different products, they have supplied us with specialty packaging when needed. I can also vouch for the integrity of the company since the CEO is a close personal friend.

Matthew Morgan

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Success is a proven fact

We believe that the quality of service we provide far exceeds our competitors. They will have similar products with similar price points, although we set the bar on designs, materials and overall experience. That is why we supply the nation’s largest most recognized organizations.

 ~ Ryan Bishop, CEO

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